Monday, February 23, 2009

savath 73

Guillermo Scott Herren's (prefuse 73, savath y savalas, and a bunch of other aliases) tour cd somehow sneaked pass my radar back in 2003.
-from discogs "Tour CDR in regular CD jewel case with handmade artwork (front and back inlays) that was sold (for $25) on 2003 Prefuse 73 tour with Four Tet and Manitoba"

anyway, the album sounds like a savath y savalas release (and some of the tracks are from savath y savalas albums). folky, glitchy, and sleepy.

Guillermo Scott Herren - Sleeping On Saturday And Sunday Afternoon


Thomas Ricci said...

any chance on a reup of the retagged? im going nuts putting them in order, bc theyre off by a second or so... if not ill make due with the one i have. thanks!

Yesoos said...

re-upped with proper tracklisting.

Thomas Ricci said...


John said...

Listening to this at work(coffeeshop) on a rainy day...thank you so much!