Wednesday, November 4, 2009

kimtak schmimtak

儉德大廈 (kimtak building) is a band with an album called "in the forest and the field".

they did not reinvent music and they are not using their instruments in a bizarre, unheard of way to create sounds you've never heard.

but they will calm the shit out of you. and once you feel grounded and drowsy, when you think you can recite the patterns of their notes in your head and that you can already tell where this song is going, THEY ROCK THE SHIT OUT OF YOU.

and whats striking about this is how precise their sound is. its full of rough, distorted, guitar driven textures but its also balanced out with pieces led by piano and blippity-bloopy keys.

this band sounds like an old city at night. its not dangerous to walk the streets at 1 AM, but those streets are crumbling, the trees make terrible sounds when the wind blows through them and the air is smoky.

kimtak building won't blow you away with technical prowess. its the simplicity of the musical verses they construct which allows their sound to be so evocative.


in the forest and the field

Sunday, September 27, 2009

mo murder

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

don't worry, we're not dead

...just sleepy/lazy/busy/think it might have been a good idea to stop.

track 2 and 6 got me hooked. don't do drugs.

sleepy sun - embrace

Monday, February 23, 2009

savath 73

Guillermo Scott Herren's (prefuse 73, savath y savalas, and a bunch of other aliases) tour cd somehow sneaked pass my radar back in 2003.
-from discogs "Tour CDR in regular CD jewel case with handmade artwork (front and back inlays) that was sold (for $25) on 2003 Prefuse 73 tour with Four Tet and Manitoba"

anyway, the album sounds like a savath y savalas release (and some of the tracks are from savath y savalas albums). folky, glitchy, and sleepy.

Guillermo Scott Herren - Sleeping On Saturday And Sunday Afternoon

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Night Time Sunrise

"I want to shout out God." Heh. I'm serious here. Ok, if there is one period of hip hop i'm not as familiar with, it's the early 90's version of new agers that took the native tongue style waaaay left, ie Arrested Development and PM Dawn. I never really took PM Dawn seriously, but for some reason had been wanting to hear this album, and, to little surprise, found it very cheaply used. It's on some weird, happy, ish, with the regular breakbeat behind some crystalicious (that's a real word, ha), shiny brass buddha statue jazz samples in a contorted new jack swing gone Enya styling. Lyrics like "Reality used to be a friend of mind," and something about Christina Applegate not wanting to get it on with Prince Be, "I wanted her to be a big PM Dawn fan" but that's "just how it goes" he guesses. He raps like a short bus version of Erick Sermon, that slightly homosexual slur and stutter. But really, in retrospect it's not as bad as all this sounds or as harsh as it's critics say, and is almost nice, if you aren't afraid to be cheesy sometimes. Most recognizable here is "Set Adrift On Memory Bliss." I actually kind of like it, bloated abstractions about Jesus included (except 'Shake' which is inexcusable). 320. Prince Be is a singer/ songwriter. So, Pascal, this inane post goes out directly to you (I'm not letting you live that down)

PM Dawn - Of The Heart, Of The Soul, And Of The Cross: The Utopian Experience

Bobb Bruno - White Lovers Dream House

I love those days when you don't know something exists, then you fall face first into it, and life is awesome. Bobb Bruno is the best dude, and this is a tape i just happened across. If you liked the one from DNT from late last year, you will like this. Rain Bows is a really great jam, along the lines of Snail's Pace, i guess. It has that same weird soul slithering sound.

Bobb Bruno - White Lovers Dream House

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The world dances on DD

Man, i went to a show of his over a year ago at the Metro in chicago. he had the whole place in like a soul train line zig zagged and we all had to dance through it then add on to the end and put our hands up like a canopy above the dancers. he lets crowd members push the buttons on his machinery... siked to hear this. He told me, after having signed my shirt with a seeing eye pyramid and winged-2012 symbol, that his next album (he was promoting Spiderman Of The Rings, of course, thus referring to Bromst) will be his most popular, then people won't like him as much. real cool dude. you should go to his shows.

Dan Deacon - Bromst (not my link, picked it up on hipinion leak thread)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

endtroducing re-incarnate

the title explains it.

maker - shooting the breeze

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

HEY, that's my car!!!

Repo. Hurry up while it's good.


(if this review doesn’t seem cohesive, im sorry. im watching brasil vs italy right now. and holy shit, this is a good game. brasil is playing the beautiful game like they should.)

about a month ago i received an email from Jeune Été Records (<---link) looking to get some promotion. they sent me the first two releases from their catalog asking me to do to a review. i often get artists wanting reviews but rarely review, mostly because im lazy, but also because i don’t really care for their music. this isn’t the case for sister crayon and j. irvin dally (i'll post a review for that later along with the plains review). for a new label to release quality like this is impressive.

sister crayon
: beautiful voice. think cat power + bat for lashes + cocorosie. i could very easily turn this review into an article from haterville daily, because the influences are worn on the sleeves of sister crayon. but all is forgiven because the talent is vast.
the music on ‘loneliness is my mother's gun’ is broken up into acoustic, keyboard, MPC goodness. im not one to pay much attention to lyrics, so i wont try to delve into what the lyrics mean (even if they are straight forward.. i wouldn’t get it), but the feeling is there and that says more to me than what the words actually are.
one gripe i have with the album is how long it is (over an hour long). all the songs are album worthy, but it gets tiresome at points.
other than that one complaint, sister crayon is VERY promising and i expect the next release to be even better. take note people... and buy the cd, as they are very limited and is very much worth your money.

well loved

Monday, February 9, 2009

my neighbor's internet is faster than mine

so i uploaded this courtesy of my kind neighbor.
here is some home listening for you guys that like to lay on the floor and chill. it sounds a bit like vincent gallo + tortoise + trip hop style drums. i read a review complaining that it sounds somewhat disingenuous... the style (record static over the whole track while no record sample is being used, out of tune/guitars drenched in chorus for an old recorded effect) at times can come across that way, but im guessing they did it all for the nookie, so its okay.

the gentlemen losers - the gentlemen losers

it's ok to be looked through sometimes

A little different from what I normally post here but this is just awesome. Already on of my faves. Post-punk pop/folk with some Belong-esque drone in between.

Under The Sea

Not sure why inanely named this post that, but it almost fits. Released sometime last year or maybe late 07, it Changeling had another winner for Not Not Fun. This music is kind of like what if you drowned and died and when you died your soul was forced to float around in the sea rather than getting to go back above surface, and how would that sort of haunting sound. This is what I study Philosophy to.

Changeling - Into Great Peace

mountains and hipsters


Sunday, February 8, 2009

So you guys all have this, right?

Just making sure. Supposed to be the best construction of Smile from the old BWilson analog recordings, and it's good, though i don't agree with it completely. Worth while for sure. Someone needs to do a DJ Screw Purp Chick version and call it TusSmile or something.

Beach Boys - Purple Chick Smile

ps - sorry for all the megaupload lately. these files are all over 100mb and, if nothing else, Goldenhymn taught me that if you Mediafire big files in two parts at least 1/2 downloaders will only do the first part, which is bizarre to me.


Just upped these in 320 for the good folks on Atease and figured I'd pass the links around to people I actually care about.

Grizzly Bear - Horn Of Plenty
Grizzly Bear - Horn Of Plenty (Remixes)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Gem Stone Of The Month

I took this from my guy Tyler over at Slow Homo. If you like the 7", which it seems like you did, get this, too!

Topaz Rags - California Ash

Never Let Them Know Your Next Move

Is Predator Vision the greatest band name ever or what? duhnduhduhnduhdundundunduuuhn. that's what the guitars sound like to me, if i could squash that line with a rolling pin then throw it into the blender on FUCK YEAH setting. I miss doing over-exuberant blurbs. INANE

Predator Vision - II