Sunday, February 15, 2009

The world dances on DD

Man, i went to a show of his over a year ago at the Metro in chicago. he had the whole place in like a soul train line zig zagged and we all had to dance through it then add on to the end and put our hands up like a canopy above the dancers. he lets crowd members push the buttons on his machinery... siked to hear this. He told me, after having signed my shirt with a seeing eye pyramid and winged-2012 symbol, that his next album (he was promoting Spiderman Of The Rings, of course, thus referring to Bromst) will be his most popular, then people won't like him as much. real cool dude. you should go to his shows.

Dan Deacon - Bromst (not my link, picked it up on hipinion leak thread)


Justin Longoz said...

i love this blog!

electricdunnahoo said...

Yep. Saw this guy too. Super rad person. HOW-EVZ: Im kind of conflicted with his music. Something about Spiderman was too cutesy for me to get into. Ill take the Moral Adventure challenge and give this a chance though. Thanks.

Butter Face said...

hey ladies, this link won't work.
let us know
cause we wanna post it

apemantronic said...

omg omg thanks a bunch, this blog just keeps delivering.

GINAR said...

haha i was at that show.

Anonymous said...


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