Monday, March 2, 2009

hey guys

grizzly bear leaked.

128, but it's all that's out there right now

Warp asked that i take the link down, and Warp is about the best dude of record labels, so i'll comply. if you are half way intelligent its out there.


Calum said...


Would really appreciate it if you can remove the link to the GB album

mail me and we can discuss other options



Dimebag said...

thanks btw.

sounding reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal good.

bodo said...

Might as well take it off, the quality is damn poor - even worse than you would expect for 128. Excited to hear this in full though for sure.

Maxwell Hell said...

I'm not bitchy about the quality, considering how ridiculously good this album is.

bodo said...

Mm finally got this in 256 and man is it sweet. Dazzling. You ever coming back, Adventure?

Dimebag said...

hah, you realise you've got a shitty transcode? that inevitably sounds worse than the direct rip.

there's not other rip out still, wish there was.

Anonymous said...

Are you the same Calum who writes horrible inane stuff for Cokemachineglow?

The Green Shroud said...

'Cocktails' by The Green Shroud

in June 2009 we're releasing 'Cocktails', an album haunted by the ghosts of Miles Davis, Stan Getz, Henry Mancini & Serge Gainsbourg, and served up with a modern electronic twist.

We were wondering if you would like a promotional copy, and if you would post a track or so on the blog if you liked it?

Can we submit this and press materials digitally?

Thanks for your time.


yeah, its definetly out there lol.

btw, I was a dedicated follower of golden hymn, if you want you can add my blog, yours is on my list!


Anonymous said...


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