Sunday, February 8, 2009

So you guys all have this, right?

Just making sure. Supposed to be the best construction of Smile from the old BWilson analog recordings, and it's good, though i don't agree with it completely. Worth while for sure. Someone needs to do a DJ Screw Purp Chick version and call it TusSmile or something.

Beach Boys - Purple Chick Smile

ps - sorry for all the megaupload lately. these files are all over 100mb and, if nothing else, Goldenhymn taught me that if you Mediafire big files in two parts at least 1/2 downloaders will only do the first part, which is bizarre to me.


pj said...

I noticed that too... all the time people would only download one part. Shit boggles my mind.

nattymari said...

I did a slowed version of PET SOUNDS called PET TURTLE SOUNDS

Does that count????

My favorite SMILE bootleg was the old Smile Shop version... if you don't have it I can up it. It was quite pleasant and didn't try to revel in weirdness... instead - it let the weirdness expose itself naturally.

nattymari said...

Here you go:


Anonymous said...