Sunday, February 22, 2009

Night Time Sunrise

"I want to shout out God." Heh. I'm serious here. Ok, if there is one period of hip hop i'm not as familiar with, it's the early 90's version of new agers that took the native tongue style waaaay left, ie Arrested Development and PM Dawn. I never really took PM Dawn seriously, but for some reason had been wanting to hear this album, and, to little surprise, found it very cheaply used. It's on some weird, happy, ish, with the regular breakbeat behind some crystalicious (that's a real word, ha), shiny brass buddha statue jazz samples in a contorted new jack swing gone Enya styling. Lyrics like "Reality used to be a friend of mind," and something about Christina Applegate not wanting to get it on with Prince Be, "I wanted her to be a big PM Dawn fan" but that's "just how it goes" he guesses. He raps like a short bus version of Erick Sermon, that slightly homosexual slur and stutter. But really, in retrospect it's not as bad as all this sounds or as harsh as it's critics say, and is almost nice, if you aren't afraid to be cheesy sometimes. Most recognizable here is "Set Adrift On Memory Bliss." I actually kind of like it, bloated abstractions about Jesus included (except 'Shake' which is inexcusable). 320. Prince Be is a singer/ songwriter. So, Pascal, this inane post goes out directly to you (I'm not letting you live that down)

PM Dawn - Of The Heart, Of The Soul, And Of The Cross: The Utopian Experience


nattymari said...

I'm rarely stumped on a blog search... but try to track down "ODE TO A FORGETFUL MIND." It's the b-side of their first single, and it shits on anything they've done. Super mellow Jungle Brothers sounding, with a hypnotic chorus of "dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun" (fails as a literary translation, I know.)

oartopia said...

"new jack swing gone enya..." HAHAHAHAHA. i love your description here. i'm excited to try this.

nattymari said...

Here you go:

Prince Be (PM DAWN) - Odeto a Forgetful Mind (Hip Hop Mix)

Props to my boy T. Tauri for the upload.

sorry for the zShare - my divshare is acting ass

Dudu Green said...
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Dudu Green said...

Prince Be - Ode to a Forgetful Mind... Where/What is the Link???

nattymari said...