Tuesday, February 10, 2009


(if this review doesn’t seem cohesive, im sorry. im watching brasil vs italy right now. and holy shit, this is a good game. brasil is playing the beautiful game like they should.)

about a month ago i received an email from Jeune Été Records (<---link) looking to get some promotion. they sent me the first two releases from their catalog asking me to do to a review. i often get artists wanting reviews but rarely review, mostly because im lazy, but also because i don’t really care for their music. this isn’t the case for sister crayon and j. irvin dally (i'll post a review for that later along with the plains review). for a new label to release quality like this is impressive.

sister crayon
: beautiful voice. think cat power + bat for lashes + cocorosie. i could very easily turn this review into an article from haterville daily, because the influences are worn on the sleeves of sister crayon. but all is forgiven because the talent is vast.
the music on ‘loneliness is my mother's gun’ is broken up into acoustic, keyboard, MPC goodness. im not one to pay much attention to lyrics, so i wont try to delve into what the lyrics mean (even if they are straight forward.. i wouldn’t get it), but the feeling is there and that says more to me than what the words actually are.
one gripe i have with the album is how long it is (over an hour long). all the songs are album worthy, but it gets tiresome at points.
other than that one complaint, sister crayon is VERY promising and i expect the next release to be even better. take note people... and buy the cd, as they are very limited and is very much worth your money.

well loved


bodo said...

damn where are those drums coming from? girls these days...

mike said...

post a link for the album

Yesoos said...

the record label didn't want the album posted. plus, it's very cheap to buy.

mike said...

ok fair enough

Marcus said...

Anyone know where I can purhcase this from? Bellow is genius, but I'm unable to find this on the net anywhere.

Mowgle said...

Mum like, but less wet sounding. I like the frantic drumming on lullaby. good choices of key and bass tones in this group. Huzzah!