Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mules Chill Under Palms

I don't care anymore. Illformed is always going to beat me to posting stuff like this, but i don't care. Ducktails is by favorite guy. His new tape is a little different, more drone raga stuff, but once the 5 minute mark hits (i don't want to spoil it too much, but, you know), awwww. It starts off like the transitional parts of a gang gang dance song, but in raga form, the switches in a matter of moments into some super beach chill stuff on side A. Side b is like the first half of side A travelling through a black hole or something.

Listen, I want more of his stuff. Like tape trades and stuff. I have music things i am willing to part with for these Ducktails tapes. Right now i have the DNT tape, Predator Vision 2, Traum Ecke, and the new Sun Araw split. I need the rest and am willing to give up early PHaunt stuff or whatever else. Hit me up.

Ducktails - Acres Of Shade


Dimebag said...

ducktails = worth it.

good stuff, cheers.

Paaaaaaul McCaaaaaartney said...

i have the mp3s of Dreams in Mirror Field but not the tapee. id be willing to send it to you