Saturday, January 17, 2009

Why I Love Ghostface Killah

i remember seeing these, probably around the time Wonder Showzen was on MTV2. oh, the wonders of youtube

and then we have the following as well... my main homeboy victrola will appreciate around the 550 mark. ha!

Like you rainbow man or something...get off that speedo shit, don't shake my hand when you fucking see me:

and finally, sex talk with GFK "sometimes you go down there and you kiss that poopoo"

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electricdunnahoo said...

I saw him live last year. Dude was a little lazy behind the mic, but the best part was when he brought ladies from the crowd on the stage. There was this one girl who was totally on ecstacy that kept trying to touch him and dude was totally like back up and couldnt concentrate. Oh Albuquerque.