Friday, January 16, 2009

Trombone Ron

Rusty Santos is basically Animal Collective/Paw Track's best dude. He records many of the albums released on Paw Tracks as well as Sung Tongs, etc. His own music is like the minor league version of AC. The Heavens really frustrates me because he gets into these fits of genius, only to quickly abandon them in favor of something lessor. Eternity Spans, however, finds a nice balance, though the highs aren't as high. He himself is probably really high.

Rusty Santos - Eternity Spans
Rusty Santos - The Heavens


cletus_buckley said...

I had the pleasure of supporting his band "the present".
I hear you about the patchiness but they were top dollar live.

Anonymous said...

That The Present album has some really cool sounds on it, but it's sort of all over the place.

Lukas said...

I agree; the Present album had some fantastic moments, but also had tangents that were just annoying (the several minutes of delayed finger snapping being one of them... and this is coming from somebody who loves long form music). Santos needs to focus a bit more.

Anonymous said...

thanks stud