Saturday, January 10, 2009

just in case you don't have this

one of my all time favorite albums. SAB2 was my going to bed music. i had to skip to track 3 though... it was just so soothing (and track 2 scared the shit out of me).
i guess this is one of those classic ambient albums everyone has or has heard. if you haven't listened to this yet, you should. it's beautiful, haunting (this word is used too much to describe music, but in this case... it fits), and in 320 bitrate!
which is why i had to up it in rapidshare. sorry about that. but there are two discs, so if you have to wait the x amount of minutes to download the second disc, at least you have something to listen to. am i right?!?!?!?

aphextwin - SAB V. II (disc 1)
aphextwin - SAB V. II (disc 2)