Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Rocks You Can Wear

Topaz Rags is some new NNF stuff fo dat azz. Wobbly and sparse piano and haunted vox, just like I like em. Thought someone said that there are person from PHaunt and Robedoor somewhere on this, but not for sure. Sounds like it though. If it were PHaunt it'd be something like Beast That You Are, perhaps. They have a tape out, too, that i ordered. Haven't seen any links for it yet.

Topaz Rags - Tarot Harem 7"


Danny said...

Hello. Just wanted to complete the info: Topaz Rags is Amanda from Pocahaunted and 2 other gals I can't quite locate, as said on their myspace. Also, their other release, California Ash is available at Calm in Trees ( and Slow Homo (

Shilzzz said...

nice find, homey.