Sunday, January 11, 2009

Swimming in a Basement Full of Gold Coin

Why you should buy from DNT? Because Tynan puts out dope shit like this, of course! Side A is Ducktails (wooo oooh), general DT fair, Jersey summers on the shore, throwing frisbees to sweet dogs and doggs; Side B is Mudboy, who is always doing some cool shit, these are really some summertime jams, like good old G-funk but more like 4-track cassette funk. Two good artists to put together on a tape split. If you guys and gals like Mudboy, let me know, cuz there's more in the back.

Speaking of Gold Coin, does anyone remember the Game Boy game Wario and the 7 Gold Coins or some shit? Man, I need the old o.g. Game Boy back in my life. Heh. I'm not bitter, it's just humorous in my opinion to add some inane shit to every post. :) It's a beautiful day.

Ducktails/Mudboy - Summer Of Saucers


Anonymous said...

thank you for making it bright

Michael said...

of course i remember

Anonymous said...

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