Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Darling Daughters of Noise

Yes! We, or at least I, have been waiting on this. Just copped from EXBX, and can't wait to get it. Track 2 sees more strings than we are accoustomed to on P'Haunt tapes, and it's a welcomed addition to an already dope as eff sound.

Pocahaunted - Gold Miner's Daughter (from ill formed whom we love very much, just check the blogroll). Was also on Hipinion's Listening Party thread... BTW, Nathan, you need to let me in.)

Edit: Illformed doesn't steal links as far as i know. Sorry, was confusing it with BlochasGratis or WTF. They stole yesoos' links all the time.

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pj said...

I feel kind of ambivalent about link stealing. Really... as long as people get the music who cares who gets credit. I'm kind of sick of people trying to be the "trend setters" of the music blogosphere. For me, it's more about spreading the good tunes around. Although I don't mind it if someone credits me as their source or something...I personally wanna help other like minded bloggers out with their traffic as well... but I'm not gonna cry about it if someone poaches. Know what I'm sayin?