Wednesday, November 4, 2009

kimtak schmimtak

儉德大廈 (kimtak building) is a band with an album called "in the forest and the field".

they did not reinvent music and they are not using their instruments in a bizarre, unheard of way to create sounds you've never heard.

but they will calm the shit out of you. and once you feel grounded and drowsy, when you think you can recite the patterns of their notes in your head and that you can already tell where this song is going, THEY ROCK THE SHIT OUT OF YOU.

and whats striking about this is how precise their sound is. its full of rough, distorted, guitar driven textures but its also balanced out with pieces led by piano and blippity-bloopy keys.

this band sounds like an old city at night. its not dangerous to walk the streets at 1 AM, but those streets are crumbling, the trees make terrible sounds when the wind blows through them and the air is smoky.

kimtak building won't blow you away with technical prowess. its the simplicity of the musical verses they construct which allows their sound to be so evocative.


in the forest and the field


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Myles said...

just wanted to let you know about my new Treasure Hunt record, Seatec Astronomy.

It's one long piece split into ten different sections, meant to evoke a shamanistic ritual/festival

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I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to share it.